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i-MASK is the player's first choice because it has eliminated all the disadvantages of competitive products like: fogging, hazing, nose discomfort and restricted peripheral vision.


The visor can be worn over glasses, supporting them & helping to protect the spectacles from impact on lenses or frames.


The i-MASK visor does not have a frame around the visor. You look more as though you're wearing a sweatband than eyewear. And if you've just played a great game, isn't it nice to be able to be recognised?


There is virtually no vision restriction. See a testimonial.


Because the i-MASK visor weighs so little, you're likely to forget you're wearing it.


You can have i-MASK visors made up for your club/centre with your logo and choice of colours! The final price will depend on the artwork being supplied or created. For further information & pricing contact us at sales@imask.com.au


You can buy replacements for all parts of the i-MASK visor so you don't have to buy a whole new unit if one part is damaged or lost.


i-MASK Junior size visor is just 11% smaller than the adult size. It is just perfect for the 7 - 10 year old or the very small adult. The i-MASK Junior visor has all the safety features of the adult size, with more protection for the face than other eyewear, and unrestricted vision


The i-MASK visor is manufactured from optically clear polycarbonate and is virtually unbreakable and has a 2 year warranty on all fixing points.


The i-MASK has passed these Safety Standards for squash : ASNZS 4066:1992 (Australia & New Zealand) & ASTM F803-94 (USA)and carries the ce mark mark.

Why Choose i-MASK?


Facts about the game ... These extracts are from a survey of 197 competition and social players from 7 squash centres in and around Melbourne conducted in September through October in 1995 by Caroline Finch and Paul Vear and accepted for publication in December 1997 by the Sports Medical Journal. Squash is one of the most popular sports played in Australia. At that time there were 1.25 million players with 300,000 social and competitive players participating on a weekly basis. The ball is played at various angles, the racquet stroke requires a wide arc at speed and there is a need to face the back of the court on occasion. It is easy to see why there is a risk of being hit by the ball or the racquet. Squash has consequently been established as a major contributor to the incidence of sports related eye trauma. The ultimate goal therefore is the compulsory wearing of protective eye wear by all players when on court. In 1996 the World Squash Federation took the major decision of recommending the mandatory wearing of safety eye wear for all juniors and their coaches.

  • The impact of a squash ball at 150KPH is equal to the same energy impact of a .22 bullet
  • This speed is well within the scope of most juniors and women
  • The impact of a squash ball at 200KPH has 4 times the energy of a .22 bullet
  • The racquet head speed has the potential of approaching 161KPH (Maylack,1988) (The major cause of facial injuries in squash is raquet strike.)
  • It is estimated that there may be a 25% risk of eye injury in a lifetime of playing squash
  • The Australian and New Zealand safety STANDARD AS/NZS 4066 is (according to the publication) superior to the American safety STANDARD ASTM.F803-94

(Finch / Clavisi 1998) Three quarters of the injuries were males aged between 15 and 64 years. Over half the players (54%) had been playing for at least 20 years before their current injury. Only 5 players had been playing less than 1 year Open lenseless eye guards are ineffective in preventing ocular injury even at speeds as low as 80KPH The use of improper eye wear (eg. Dress spectacles or sunglasses) can potentially cause penetrating ocular trauma. (Finch and Vear VSF field trials of protective eye wear 1998) Survey respondents from the field tests rated i-MASK visors as superior in all areas. View Photo Gallery of injuries sustained. (Not for the faint hearted!)

Think about the following example of the value of the i-MASK.

Subject: How i-Mask protected me from serious injury From: Charlie Bannister. UK. He wrote: Just to report an incident on Sunday evening. I was wearing the visor for only the second time on Sunday and was playing George at Racquetball. We were both playing very competitively - as always - when I got too closeclose to George's racquet. He must have hit me with a full blown shot and follow-through. Even though wearing the visor, he cut an area just above my eyelid because the visor was dislodged. Had I not been wearing the visor I honestly believe I would be minus an eye now. It shocked George who said that from now on he will be wearing a visor for all racquet games. Thank goodness for i-MASK.

Who is Using i-MASK?

i-MASK is the real choice of serious squash players.

Anthony Rickets


Paul Price (left) and David Palmer

EPSON scanner Image 3 out 4 world’s best using iMASK.


(top - left to right) Stewart Boswell - Anthony Rickets - Joeseph Kneipp - Paul Price, (middle) Robyn Cooper - Liz Irving, (front) David Palmer - Natalie Grinham - Rachael Grinham - Sarah Fitz-Gerald



coach01"Although there are many different styles of protective eyewear for squash on the market, most of which I have assessed for performance as a member of the Squash Australia Protective Eyewear Committee, no protective eyewear on the market today comes close to the performance and protection of i-MASK protective eyewear. In all peripheral vision tests that I have conducted, i-MASK Protective Eyewear far surpasses the performance of any other eyewear - especially any eyewear with nose "bridges". As a coach of players with present and future professional careers in Squash, I can only recommend i-MASK Protective Eyewear for their and other player's use." Roger Flynn (National Coach Scottish Squash and Racketball Limited.)

christy01"I have been wearing i-MASK for over 6 years now. I wear it in all my matches, training and coaching and would feel lost without it. It is the safest and most comfortable product on the market, and I can thouroughly recommend it to anyone."   Christy Georgiadis





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International and regional Distributors and wholesale purchasers.

 i-MASK protective eyewear is made in Australia, by i-MAX Protective Eyeware Pty Ltd.
We began production in January,1995 with our primary focus on safety for the younger and most vulnerable players in Squash, Racquetball, Badminton and in few other small ball sports such as indoor cricket.  i-Max P/L has about fifteen distributors worldwide and we can proudly boast that we have been the leaders in eye protection and upper-facial damage protection, since the very beginning.  We have a very healthy Market share which grows annually, so if you are not stocking i-MASK, your over-the-counter sales could be missing out on 25-33% of your own in-house market share of eye protection.

i-MASK welcomes enquiries from wholesale bulk buyers, who may wish to purchase ex the factory. 

If you wish to begin a business enterprise with us we would be pleased to read your application and hear about your background and experience.
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